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Quick Start Guide to the World Wide Web

Navigating the World Wide Web


The address bar and search box are generally found at the top of your Web browser. The address is the location of the website you are visiting. The web address can be entered directly into it (for example www.utopianfool.co.uk).

Using a tool to Search the Net


Search engines, such as Google and Bing, are extremely useful and most commonly used to find websites.  Click to activate, then enter whatever you want to look up into the box.  Press enter on the keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon to continue.

To receive more accurate search results try use speech marks “New to the Net”

Organising your experience


The sheer number of websites available to you is vast so being able to save the website addresses you visit is very helpful.  This is where the” bookmarks” or “favourites” will come into its own.




You will find the bookmark/favourite option on your toolbar at the top of your screen.


A good practice is to save your favourite websites and begin to  organise these bookmarks into folders. It  is very useful, making it easier and quicker to find what you are looking for.
For Even quicker organisation you can add favourites and folders to a toolbar that runs across the top of the browser, making them immediately accessible.


Choosing a browser


The default in most PCs is internet explorer and should already be on your computer’s desktop and menu bar. The default web browser on AppleMac is Safari and also should be available to you from the main menu.
See browsers section for a detailed explanation of web browsers and how to get the most out of your window into the World Wide Web.

Sign up for Email


Before you get carried away and lose hours surfing we recommend you sign up for an Email account. Some websites require an Email to access them, some provide a fuller experience once you have signed up which requires Email conformation.

You can receive newsletters and special offers

Below are some suggestions of most popular Email providers.


You can connect with friends and family via social networks of which Email is central.