Most shops, especially large organisations have websites that allow you to view and order products and services online. Due to the low costs of selling online and the popularity of online shopping some businesses only exist through their website, such as Amazon . These types of stores can pass on many discounts to the consumer because of low overheads.


Ebay, an auction site not only offers products that can be bid upon but also products at a fixed price and is a popular option for businesses to provide an Ebay outlet to compliment their store or shop. Here you can find almost anything you want from electricals to books to furniture to cars.

Stores also offer special deals when buying online.

Whilst on the subject of online shopping it would be prudent to mention Gumtree and Freecycle, websites that provide a local classified ad service. Here you can find items that local people are offering for sale and giving away if you can collect.


Other Mainstream stores in the UK such as Argos and Currys/PC World will have sale items that can only be found online.

Supermarkets now have sites where you can do your weekly food shop online and have it delivered to your door. All round, using the internet to shop can definitely save you money and can be a lot more convenient.

Deliveries and returns are an essential part of ordering products online. Most websites will allow for an extra payment for a speeder delivery, but most of the time a standard delivery will have the product with you within the week (depending on the distance it has to travel). Returning products can be done in several ways, usually dependent on the product size. Larger products might require you to use a dispatch service organised through the website. Smaller products can be usually sent through the normal postal service.
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You will need to pay for your goods and services that you order online so here are a few pointers to ensure your purchasing experience goes smoothly and securely.

Firstly we should cover PayPal, a company that acts as a secure middleman to make payments through. It is well used and trusted, but you will need an email account and a credit/debit card to use the service. Once you have an account with them money can be paid into and taken from it easily and accessed online to make payments on purchases, requiring only a username and password to use rather than entering all of your card details every time you want to buy something.

Secondly, when using any secure services online, it is important to look at the address bar for a lock symbol and an address that begins “https”. This signifies that the web page you are visiting is secure and legitimate.

Using a credit card instead of a debit card or having a separate account specifically for using online can reduce any security problems and will allow you to keep a good track of what is being spent.



A new digital currency that is becoming more mainstream is a useful way of securely purchasing online. The basis of using the Bitcoin requires you to have a Bitcoin wallet to store your currency in. This can be downloaded onto a computer or exist on a remote website database. Essentially this is just a unique string of numbers that can be used simply to transfer Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

Bitcoin can be bought and sold like any other currency. We recommend using Localbitcoin for a remote wallet if you would like to try it out. You only need a username and email address to complete the transaction and you can use direct bank transfer or other payment gateway to purchase them.

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