The internet is a way of getting your media, like radio, TV, or newspapers, all in one place.

There is a wealth of information to find you just have to look for it.

You could say that just using a computer and surfing the internet is entertainment in its self but there is a plethora of websites that offer lots of entertainment to enjoy.  Games, movies, books, artwork and music to name but a few.



You can find the latest movie reviews and watch trailers for them. Sites such as “imDb”, “Love film” and “Blockbuster” offer these services and more.

You can even watch whole movies documentaries and TV shows through websites such as Google video. Although the selection can be limited and might change over time it’s still free and instant.  For good quality TV catch up you can use the bbc i player or 4 on demand to name a few.

Youtube has really made an impact on the way the internet community shares its video. You can sign up and upload your videos for the world to see for free from anywhere.



Music streaming is a new way of enjoying music without having to buy it first. Yahoo music is one such site offering this service but also sites such as Groove Shark and last fm offer social radio where you can get a suggested playlist made from other user’s choices.

Spotify gives you millions of tunes at your fingertips. Discover and explore music with Shazam just one of a type of application that listens to music and tells you information about that track.

Music downloads have become very popular as digital media is easy to move and use through our computers, mp3 players and mobile phones. A site like Apple’s i tunes is a way of buying the music you want and downloading it straight away as a file rather than a CD.


Online games have evolved a long way. From simple flash games to massive multiplayer online role playing games there is something for everyone to play.

There are a lot of free to play games to find out there. The current trend in tablet and smartphone games is to charge in game for upgrades or enhancements but the main game is free to download and play.

Second life is a unique online gaming experience that is more a social hub and commercial venture as much as it is a three dimensional third person adventure. Linden dollars the games currency can be exchanged for real world money making this virtual world really tangible in a fiscal sense. You will need a reasonably new computer with graphics card to enjoy second life to the fullest extent.

Gambling online has become big business in recent years. Now TV coverage has driven many innocent to bingo sites for a quick flutter. Most of these sites offer £20 free play or deposit £10 get £30 to play. If you look at this logically the business expects you to lose this money and can afford to offer it. Do not be fooled, gambling is a game and the bookies generally win.

E books

The Kindle from Amazon has really lit up the digital reading sphere. Its use of new ink technology produces a easy on the eyes reading screen and is now a standard publishing medium for most writers.

E books or Electronic documents can be downloaded from websites to enjoy at a later date. These usually take the form of PDF documents. A programme is required to read this file.  The main E readers are Adobe Reader
, Kindle

You can download books for free in PDF format.

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