Get the most from the experience and access more information, sign up to an email provider.


Email was one of the first uses for the internet in its infancy and now plays an important role in online activities. You will find that the majority of the most popular websites require a working email address to access their content.

Email is straight forward once you have used it a few times


Most providers offer free email services that require a monthly access, some may close the account for lack of use but can be re-opened easily with a personal password.

You can have as many email addresses as you like providing you can think of names for them. Email addresses can be any alphabetical character and/or number, but all must be in lowercase. If the name you decide on is unavailable the provider will often give alternatives.

Registering for email can take 5-10 minutes.

As most email follow the same procedures and have similar layouts we will list general guidance for the most popular email providers. These are Microsoft windows Outlook (previously hotmail), Yahoo mail, Gmail from google.


Setting up and using email

Firstly we need to sign up with a provider. You must enter some details about yourself and choose an email address and password. We suggest that you use a password that is easy for you to remember and for security reasons including numbers and characters to ensure your email remains secure.

  A very secure password could be for example “My64elephant£$%”

Don’t worry if you forget the password you will also be asked for a security question that will be used in this eventuality. More recently providers will ask for a confirmation telephone number that can receive a text with security number for you to enter.

Once the sign up is complete you should be presented with your email home page. The main areas of the email page are the inbox, contacts, spam or trash.

From the inbox you can make new emails to send and organise the emails you receive. These options are listed at the top of the page. Now its time to start collecting peoples email addresses to add to your contacts list.


Instant messaging

There are several programmes that allow you to send whats known as instant messaging. This is very similar to text messaging on a mobile phone or sms messaging from email to phone.

Instant messaging will allow you to send a message for free to someone’s computer. If the recipient is also logged onto the same programme  then they will get a pop up box appear on their desktop showing your message.

This is known as a conversation and allows the two parties to easily send each other messages that are sent immediately. Services provided by Skype, Whatsapp and others offer free  instant messaging.


Video Calling

Most commonly used through a computer and more recently on Smartphones and tablet computers. Video calling services are free to use but may incur costs on your data plan using Smartphones or tablets. Making use of an internet connection at home or via wi-fi will be free.

The beauty of this service is having the ability to talk to and see another person on the other side of the world in real time. It is very useful for business meetings and is being used for remote tutoring and lecturing.

A web camera is required to be able to make video calls, these have an integrated microphone, or a headset can be used for audio communication. Most laptops will feature a built in camera. Also you will need to download a programme that will allow your computer to make the call. Skype has the function of letting you to make just voice calls (audio only) to telephones and other computers.


Installing and using Video calls from a computer

To begin we will use a search engine to find Skype by typing Skype into the search bar located at the top of your web browser, or we can write the websites address ( into the address bar.

Now we must download the  programme, to do this click the link on the  homepage and follow the instructions that appear on installation wizard.

Once the programme is installed you can access Skype by double clicking on the icon on your desktop or in your start menu. Next you must make an account to allow you to connect with other people.

You will need an email address and a Skype name that will be displayed to others and help other people find you online. After filling out the short form we can now launch the programme and begin to add contacts to your account.

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