Most popular Web Browsers


A web browser or Internet browser is a software application for retrieving and presenting information from the World Wide Web. You will be using one right now to view this web page.

The visual interface allows you to see and interact with the data that is available online.

There are many types of browser available. All computers, Smartphones and Tablets come with a default web browser. This will allow you to access web pages on the internet.

A browser can remember the history of  web pages you have visited and provide general protection from unwanted pop-ups and adverts that can hinder your surfing experience.

Web browsers can be customised. You can enhance your experience by adding on applications. These extra programmes or Add-ons offer a wealth of functionality to the browser, but should function perfectly well out of the virtual box.

In some cases, to gain full functionality from your browser, you may have to install programmes that will allow you to view video content, for example Adobe Flashplayer or Apple Quick Time

You will commonly find search boxes on the top of your browser allowing you to enter something you want to search the internet for. These useful additions to the browser are known as search engines and have their own home website.

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